Amana Heritage Society 50th Anniversary

Founded September 9, 1968

Excerpt from the Amana Society Bulletin

We wish to announce the birth of the “Amana Heritage Society.” The “Amana Heritage Society” is dedicated to preserve Amana and its history and to tell and teach and keep the story of Amana alive for all of us and for our children.

The immediate goal for the Society is to establish a Museum in the old Dr. Noe residence to tell the Amana story and to preserve for ourselves and future generations the wonderful things left to us which are now still here, but may within not too many years lie lost and forgotten. It is important that we who now live here start this for the next generation of Amana.

The “Amana Heritage Society” is as of September 9, 1968 an Iowa Corporation organized for non-profit, and has a nine member Board of Directors. This is the beginning. The Society now needs all Amana residents and friends to help and to understand its meaning.

Will you please come to a meeting at 7:30 o’clock, October 7th, 1968 at Lakeside Multipurpose room to be informed, ask questions, and to express feelings. Everyone is welcome and earnestly requested to attend. Louis R. Marz, Glenn H. Wendler, William F. Oehler, Ray Berger, Leroy H. Graesser, JoAnn F. Meyer, Don Shoup, Emma Dittrich and Madeline Roemig.

Board of Directors, Amana Heritage Society