June 22, 2019 Communal Kitchen Dinner


$25 per person

Check-in 5:15
Dinner 5:30
Walking Tour 6:30


Fleischküchlein (Swabian meat patties)
Crumbed Potatoes
Hot Green Beans
Cucumber Salad
Pickled Beets

Participate in Amana’s original dining experience at the Communal Kitchen Museum. Enjoy traditional Amana recipes and a short program. 1003 26th Ave, Middle Amana.

Purchase your tickets here https://amanaheritage.ecrater.com/p/33419787/june-22-2019-communal-kitchen-meal

Questions? Call 319-622-3567 or email amanaheritage@southslope.net.

Note you will not be sent a ticket; your name will be placed on the check-in list.