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Amana Colonies People and the Land: How Culture and Nature Create Place.

Site Tours

Amana Heritage Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving Amana’s historical and cultural heritage. Our museum sites offer your group the chance to learn about the Colonies and Iowa. Each of our sites has a story to tell and provides a unique learning experience.

For information on our different heritage sites please see our museums page

Field Trips

General Tour
Choose between any of our five sites or a combination of them. A museum guide informs students on the specific history of the site and how it relates to the history of the community. Grades: K-12.

Cost: $2.00 per student

Would you join a communal society?
Have your students become a historic person from Amana, with a specific role in the community. On this field trip students will visit all historic sites and learn about their specific roles in the community, all while personally connecting to history.

Grades:4 and up
Cost: $3.00 per student

Walking Tours
Includes a 45 minute guided tour of your choice of one of the Amana Colonies’ seven villages. Groups will learn about the layout of the village and important buildings, along with interesting historical facts and stories.

Cost: $3.00 per student

On all tours adult chaperones are at the student price and teachers and bus drivers receive complimentary admission.

Traveling Trunk

An assortment of facts and fun for the classroom. Use the Traveling Trunk in addition to an Amana field trip or to supplement your own Iowa history curriculum. Available for two-week loan.

Cost: $30 plus shipping (two-week loan )

Traveling Trunk Order Form Traveling Trunk Order Form

Trunk includes: Teacher's orientation guide, student activities, our award winning video (DVD or VHS), Audio CD narrative with environmental sounds, a selection of Amana informational books, and other resources. Additional book titles available to purchase. 

Printable Activities

Word Match Word Match

German Alphabet German Alphabet

German Alphabet Practice Sheet German Alphabet Practice Sheet

Sample from Audio narrative CD with environmental sounds:

Sound clip - Horses Sound clip - Horses