WWI Veterans Artwork for Sale

If you would like to purchase an artwork created as part of the Amana Heritage Museum-Amana Arts Guild exhibit 1918: Pacifistic Patriots of the Amana Society During WWI, please contact the Amana Heritage Society (319) 622-3567 or email amanaheritage@southslope.net

Proceeds will be split 50-50 between the Amana Heritage Society and the Amana Arts Guild.

You may notice that not all of the art exhibited is included on this page. Some family members have already reserved certain WWI veterans.

The purchaser is responsible for making arrangements to pick up the artwork, or pay for us to mail the artwork.

 Art in the Auditorium- Available after November 1

 Carl Graesser by Angela Tjaden's 8th Grade Class $50

Dr. Henry G. Moershel by Susan Macumber $100

George Albert by Rabeka Coffland $100

Grover Stumpff by Tina Hinsley $75

Henry Graesser by Susan Shoup $100

Henry J. Geiger by Kristie Yoder $50

Henry Mittlebach by Sharon Dearborn $100

Herbert Moershel by Kristie Yoder $50

Jacob Zscherny by Kristie Yoder $50

Rudolph Kolb by Charlene Lawwill $100

Rudolph Pecher by Kristie Yoder $50

Rudy Pitz by Kristie Yoder $75


Art in the World War I Special Exhibit- Available after December 5

Albert Setzer by Rachel Ehrman $50

Ferdinand Ruff by Kristie Yoder $50

Fred Setzer by Ruth Johnson $120

George Hug by Rachel Ehrman $100

Harry Young by Kristie Yoder $50

Jacob Moershel and Henry Seifert by Marci Swartz $75

Jacob Rohrbacher by Kristie Yoder $50

Peter Zimmerman by Margo Jarosz $50